Original Chusen Dye Hand Towel



This is an original chusen dye hand towel by Yakurikitei Vermillion.

It’s always convenient to have a hand towel about, as they can be used for a variety of ways: wiping, wrapping, rolling, hanging, and decorating.

It can be used in the place of a handkerchief or towel, but it is also recommended for wrapping lunch boxes or putting it in a frame for decoration.


[Torii gate]
This chusen dye hand towel features the Senbon Torii gates as a motif.
The baristas at Vermillion-cafe also love using these as a tea towel.

This sumo wrestler has been the image character of Yakurikitei for many generations.
At physical stores, many people buy it in bulk as a souvenir from Fushimi Inari.
Hand towels are recommended not only for daily use but also as a gift.

[ Product details ]
Design: 2 designs / Torii gate, Yakurikitei
Size: 350x890mm
Material: Cotton 100% (Made in Japan)

[Product notes]
・Since this product is hand dyed, there may be color variations or uneven coloring.
In addition, the color may fade during washing, so please wash separately, avoiding putting on and leaving.
・Do not use bleach as it may cause deterioration of the fabric.
*Due to the nature of the product, both ends of the hand towel are unhemmed.