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Yosooi Mamesara

Yosooi Mamesara

Yosooi "Mamesara" is an easy-to-use snack plate for entertaining, made of Echizen lacquerware.

When set on top of each other, you can enjoy tea time with family and friends in a Japanese atmosphere.

 ----- About Yosooi Collection -----

Formal lacquerware for hospitality

Since ancient times, the culture of hospitality has been passed down from generation to generation in Japan.

“Yosooi" plays a role in expressing respect for others, as well as a subtle, but high-quality sense of thoughtfulness.

It will add elegance not only to occasions when you receive guests, but also to milestones you celebrate with your loved ones.  

 【Product Details】 

Product Name: Yosooi Mamesara [Dishwasher safe] 

Size: Diameter 110mm x Height 20mm 

Color: Shu, Black, White 

Material: Lacquer coating (surface) / Molded wood powder and melamine resin (reverse side) 

Place of Origin: Sabae, Fukui Prefecture 


 Dishwasher: ○  Drier: ○ 

・ Can be stacked in a cupboard (to prevent peeling and scratching)   

・ High heat retention and insulation properties make it suitable for hot drinks and food 

・ The more it is used, the shinier the lacquer color becomes more shiny 

・ Each lacquer ware is hand-painted by a lacquer craftsman, so the texture and color of the lacquer varies slightly from piece to piece


* Microwave: x Oven: x

* Avoid direct sunlight and prolonged exposure to water.

* Avoid using a scrubbing brush or polishing powder.When using the lacquerware with boiling water or high temperature at the beginning of use, it may have a distinct smell of lacquer. The smell will naturally disappear after repeated use...

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Product Details

素 材:漆塗り(表面)/ 木粉とメラミン樹脂の成型品(裏面)
特 徴:
使用範囲: 食器洗浄機:○ 乾燥機:○ 電子レンジ:× オーブン:×

Notes on Products

・ 食器棚の中で重ねて収納可(剥がれにくく傷つきにくいため)
・ 保温性・断熱性が高いので、温かい飲み物や料理に適しています
・ 使えば使う程、漆の艶感が増した色へ
・ 漆職人による手塗り生産であるため、一つ一つ漆の風合いや色が多少異なります
・ 直射日光、長時間の水のつけ置きは避けてください。
・ たわし又は磨き粉のご使用は避けてください。
・ 漆器の使い始めに熱湯や高温のものでご使用の際は、漆特有の匂いがでる場合がございます。
・ 繰り返しお使いになるうちに、匂いは自然となくなっていきます。


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