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Universal tea pot antique color M

Universal tea pot antique color M

This versatile pot is the result of the skilled craftsmanship of the artisan, extending to every detail.

With a gentle color scheme inspired by Japanese modern design, the Earth colors and texture evoke a sense of quality craftsmanship and earthiness. Its adorable, perfectly rounded shape and soft texture make it appealing to use. Its basic design features the unique colors and texture of the glaze, making it suitable for any season.

Have you ever had the experience of accidentally dropping and breaking the lid while pouring tea? The stainless-steel clip-on lid is attached to the main body, so there's no need to worry about accidentally dropping and breaking it. It's also easy to detach and clean, which is a great convenience.

The stainless-steel material is made from leftover materials used in producing curved mirrors, making it an environmentally-friendly component. The original tea strainer is produced in Tsubame-Sanjo, a city known for its metal processing. Its shape is designed to prevent tea leaves from getting caught, making it easy to maintain.

See here for the S size for use by one to two people. →Universal Teapot S

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Color: 2colors / Natural white, Stone gray
Size: W150×D100×H100mm / 450cc (For two to three people)
Material: Porcelain (Mino ware/made in Japan) / Comes with stainless steel tea strainer.
Scope of use: Microwave ✔︎(*Please take off the stainless steel tea strainer and stainless steel lid)/ Dishwasher ✔︎/

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