Valentine's Day 2024

Valentine's Day 2024

In Japan, it is common for women to give chocolate to men on Valentine's Day. Moreover, apart from the special one to gift to send your love, smaller boxes of chocolate are given to dads, teachers, colleagues and friends, just for the sake of saying thank you casually on this occasion.

This seems to be a uniquely Japanese culture, and one might wonder, "Why chocolate?"

There are various theories, but it seems to have started in the 1950s when a famous chocolate maker started a campaign to celebrate Valentine's Day. It’s widely spread so that we don’t remember how it started but you will find piles of chocolates at shops every year just like you find them prior to the Easter in some countries.

Today, the custom has changed a bit, with men giving gifts to women, and friends exchanging gifts with each other.

It is still a day to give a gift to that special person who is always by your side.

We hope you find special gift for the one you love, or try the Japanese way to say thanks to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

  • Duo Old Glass Pair
  • 1)【Gift-wrapped】Duo Old Glass Pair

    As the name of the DUO suggests, the 2 layers of overlapping glass look beautiful no matter how many times you look at it, adding a touch of luxury to your everyday life.

    This is a gift-wrapped set of two glasses.

    →【Gift-wrapped】Sghr | Duo Old Glass Pair

  • KOTO | LUCKY Bracelet Unisex
  • 2)KOTO | LUCKY Bracelet Unisex

    Greetings to your loved ones, out of a desire to connect.

    The three beads of family, friend, and lover protect you, out of the hope that you will be surrounded by those you care about, and have a long-lasting, happy relationship (KOTO).

    →KOTO | LUCKY Bracelet Unisex

  • NAGAE+ | TIN BREATH Ring 15x80mm
  • 4) NAGAE+ TIN BREATH Ring 15x80mm

    This tin ring is soft and can be re-shaped to your liking. It is created by the craftsmanship of casting that is handed down in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture.

    It comes in two colors, silver and gold. The design is gender-neutral, so couples can choose a different color for their pearls.

    →NAGAE+ | TIN BREATH Ring 15x80mm

  • 5)KIWAKOTO YURI Sky (Little / Small) 9.5-15cm

    The matte texture of the bowl and the shimmering titanium crystals combine in harmony, with the natural colors overlapping each other.

    Both the small size and little size are useful as a plate for serving your favorite sweets for Valentine's Day.

    →KIWAKOTO | YURI Sky (Little / Small) 9.5-15cm

    For Valentine's Day, we want to give a gift to that special someone with all our heart. We have selected a pair of glasses for couples to use together, as well as unisex fashion items.
    →Happy Valentine's Day

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