Spring, new start

Written by 朱SHU.


Posted on March 20, 2021

It's the season to start new life such as graduation / enrollment, new jobs / transferring and etc♩

A lot of people will buy new furniture and tableware as to start a new life.

This is an era where you can get good stuffs even with a low cost, but if you are going to use them everyday, why not try incorporating some good quality stuff that you can use them for a longer period of time?

The 1616/arita japan plates are simple yet stylish, it is easy to match with any dish, and they come in plenty of sizes. We definitely recommend arranging them in various series:)

When using it with your family, you can use a slightly smaller plate for personal use; when you are alone, you can use a larger plate for everything on it.

The Round Plate, Square Plate, and Tea cup are also used in Vermillion-cafe. :)

[1616 / arita japan]

・ Square Plate

・ Square Bowl

・ Round Deep Plate

・ Tea Cup Handle White

On the other hand, lunch boxes are also popular at school and work!

The lunch box also comes in a square shape wth tight corner, hence it is easy to pack sandwiches as well as rice:)

[Kochosai Kosuga]

・ One-stage lunch box

(* Bento boxes are only available at physical stores.)

[Vemillion original]

・ Inariyama tote bag

・ Injection dyed towel



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