Collection: Sinkougama

Sinkougama is a long-established ceramics manufacturer of Mino ware in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture, a representative production area of Mino ware, since 1895.

Sinkougama’s craftsmen perform all the processes, including clay kneading,molding, drying, unglazing, decorating, glazing, and main firing.
The great appeal of Sinkougama pottery is that, because it is completely handmade by craftsmen, it has a sense of warmth.

In the kiln alteration technique, which is a specialty of Sinkogama, unexpected changes in glaze color can be seen due to the nature of the flame and the substances contained in the glaze when firing the ceramics.
The way the glazes are mixed is different for each piece, resulting in ceramics that are one of a kind.

With the concept in mind of "making pottery that blends in with daily life," the pottery produced is functional and well-designed, closely related to daily life.