Sazanami 13cm Bowl



Delicate reliefs with a traditional Japanese "Shinogi" pattern are gorgeous tableware that gently colors the bowl. 

"Shinogi" is a ridge pattern like a sword that can be created by scraping the sides with a spatula.

The "Sazanami" series expresses ripples with a "Shinogi" pattern. 

Easy-to-use size and depth, so it can be used for a wide range of purposes such as serving salad, fruit and granola.

There are three colors: smooth and glossy "white", pale bluish "blue white", and half-matte texture of elegant and calm blue-gray.

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[ Product details ] 

Color : 3 colors / White, blue white, blue gray

Size : φ130×H40mm 

Material : White porcelain (Mino ware/made in Japan)

Scope of use: Microwave ✔︎/ Dishwasher ✔︎/ Oven -