Sazanami Choko Cup (Lid with a small plate)


Blue white
Blue gray

The delicate relief of the traditional Shinogi pattern gently adorns the food in this gorgeous vessel. 

The cup has a wide depth and can be used at the table every day.

For drinking at dinner or when you want to enjoy sake a little.

Can also be used as a small bowl or sauce plate.

The lid can also be used as a small plate.

Stackable for smart storage.

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[ Product details ]

Set contains: Large choko cup, lid with a small plate
Color: 3 colors / White, blue white, blue gray

Size: Cup: Φ85×H65mm (200cc) / small plate: Φ89xH11mm

Material: White porcelain (Mino ware/made in Japan)

Scope of use: Microwave ✔︎/ Dishwasher ✔︎/ Oven -

*It is sold as a set of a cup and a small plate with a lid.