Sghr スガハラ

“Kanazawa” Guinomi S (Black/Gold Leaf) Two Pieces Set


This is the large sake cup known as the Guinomi.

In the manufacturing process, the thickness and expansion of black glass are not visible like transparent glass, so an extremely high level of skill is required to produce such beautiful products.

The “Kanazawa” series is a series of pitch-black glassware created by the master skills of craftsmen.

The lavishly decorated gold leaf shines beautifully against the black glass, enhancing the flavor of the sake.

It is the perfect gift for a special occasions or celebrations.
 A recommended gift is a tokkuri (sake decanter) and two-piece of guinomi.

If you would like a gift set, please order the two-piece of Guinomi on this page, and order one tokkuri (sake decanter) and a gift box for “Kanazawa” gift set from the link below.

→ Sghr Sugahara "Kanazawa" Tokkuri (Black/gold leaf)

→ Sghr Sugahara Dedicated gift box (various)

[ Product details ] 

Set contains: Two Guinomi

Size: Φ52xH55mm / 70ml 

Material: Glass (Made in Japan)

Scope of use: Microwave -/ Dishwasher -/ Oven -/ Open fire - 

*If you order it as a single item, it will be delivered it in a dedicated paper box.

*There are individual differences in gold leaf patterns (appearance, size).